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Here at Hammond’s we believe in sourcing the best possible dry-aged beef that will be of the highest quality for your table. Consistency and traceability is the key, that’s why we choose MacDuff Beef as our primary supplier. :DIMENSIONLINEFEED::DIMENSIONLINEFEED:Andrew Duff calls MacDuff beef “The Rolls Royce of Scottish Beef.” You don’t make a claim like that lightly. He doesn’t. He has every good reason.:DIMENSIONLINEFEED::DIMENSIONLINEFEED:MacDuff only supply cattle that have been grass fed. This natural diet is supplemented with root crops and grass silage. Cattle must have roughage to ruminate. That’s good for their guts. In turn it affects the taste. With MacDuff you get beef prepared like it was in days gone past which melts in the mouth.:DIMENSIONLINEFEED::DIMENSIONLINEFEED:They hand select beef for us from a range of top-quality, native breeds like Short Horn, Luing and Aberdeen Angus Cross. They know their breeds and their strengths and consistently deliver a top quality product. :DIMENSIONLINEFEED::DIMENSIONLINEFEED:There’s a move back to more traditional breeds right now. We’re happy with that.:DIMENSIONLINEFEED:They only select cattle under 30 months of age and never use any dairy or bull beef. Our premium beef is sourced from the MacDuff Producer Group – a small fraternity of farms that have clubbed together and who set themselves a uniquely high standard of beef production. This ensures complete traceability. The farmers are paid a premium to draw out only top-end beef that match our specification.:DIMENSIONLINEFEED::DIMENSIONLINEFEED:All primal cuts we produce are matured on the bone to ensure tenderness. We believe dry ageing really contributes to the richness and succulence of the meat.

21 day Dry-Aged Scotch Beef. :DIMENSIONLINEFEED:Primary Suppliers: MacDUFF Beef.

Topside - Prime

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